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MiniAir EASI (Easi)
1. Machine only 2.5 kgs
2. No spare part needed
3. Costing saver & stock saving
4. Air and temperature adjustable
5. Logo print available on film,build up your own logo
6. Well sealed without air leakage

MINI AIR EASi machine specification
Size smaller than a basketball
Model: EA-1
Size: L405ⅹW220ⅹH195(mm)
Weight: 2.5kgs
Speed: 3m/min
MiniAir CLASI (Clasi)
1. Only 5 kg weight, available for 110v ~ 240v
2. Speed 18 meters per minute, max to 25 meters/min
3. Easy operation, easy maintenance
4. The air bubble machine is adjustable air volume, temperature, length
5. Makes both air pillow and air bubbles
6. All in one machine
7. Well sealed without air leakage

Clasi Air Cushion Machine
Specification MINI AIR CLASi
Specification Brand MINI AIR
Model AM-II
Power110v/230v; 50Hz/60Hz
Speed max25m/min
MiniAir PRO (Pro)
1. Speed max 32m/min 2. Machine only 8.5kg 3. Easy maintenance, no belt needed 4. Adjustable temperature 5. Well sealed without air leaking 6. Strictly quality control for your guarante Pro Machine Specification Pro Machine Specification Brand MINI AIR Model PA-Ⅱ Size L380*W330*H380(mm) Weight 8.5kg Speed max 32m/min Filler-Air Pillow
MiniAir TUBE (Tube)
1. The air bag machine only 15kgs 2. Available for 110v ~ 240v 3. One machine can make air column bag 4. Adjustable Air Volume, Temperature, Length needed 5. Easy operation and maintenance 6. Well sealed without air leakage 7. CE, UL, PSE certified, quality guaranteed 8. Available to produce any size to fit your product Tube Machine Specification Tube Machine Specification Brand MINI AIR Model TA-1 Size L487*W399*H434(mm) Weight 15kg Speed max 4m/min
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